Updated Raycon Earbuds Review In 2020

Updated Raycon Earbuds Review In 2020

 Raycon is mainly a brand of wireless audio brands. It was found by Ray J in the year 2017. It mainly makes Raycon wireless earbuds. They have a great line of wireless earbuds like Raycon E25 earbuds, Raycon E50 earbuds, and Raycon E100 earbuds which have a feature like water resistance and noise cancellation and are comfortable and lightweight.

Some of the features Raycon provides

  1. Waterproof-Raycon E100s are water-resistant up to three feet and all of their Raycon wireless earbuds are having at the least IPX4 protection against weather and sweating. Raycon E25 earbuds are waterproof and have a good quality sound effect.
  2. Long-lasting- Raycon earbuds are the most affordable product they have. Raycon  E25 earbuds last up to 6 hours of use just from a single charge and by using the compact charging case boost which can charge the earbuds up to three times and when you fully charge it you a total playtime of 18 hours!
  3. Noise cancellation- the X90’s earbuds have the function of noise cancellation. While the Raycon E25 earbuds somewhat cancel out the noise but not totally, so they could be used while sporting or traveling. Raycon E70 earbuds also have the feature of noise cancellation.
  4. Microphone- They have built-in microphones in it.  Both of these products of Raycon Bluetooth earbuds have microphone facility and have long-lasting battery life and are comfortable to use.  

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Pros and cons of Raycon wireless earbuds.

All of Raycon Bluetooth earbuds are truly wireless with having great sound quality. Raycon E50 earbuds fits good and their sound quality id also good. Many of Raycon’s earbuds have great charging. They last up to 18 hours when fully charged.

They can be easily used by the use of the side buttons and with phone calls, they work great. Raycon wireless earbuds are portable and have a really good bass effect and could be used while traveling or sporting.   

 Not all of the Raycon true wireless earbuds are waterproof and noise cancelers. Most of Raycon earbuds prices are high but are worth it because of its features like water resistance and noise cancelation.

Raycon true wireless earbuds are said to be better than AirPods as they fit budgets and are even better than other companies’ headphones.

Some of its product description.

Raycon E25 earbuds-

Updated Raycon Earbuds Review In 2020
Raycon Earbuds Review

These are Raycon’s truly wireless earbuds that can be used for multipurpose. They don’t cancel out the noise totally, so it can be used when sporting or traveling. They can’t be used for gaming or critical listening purpose but they do have microphones. Raycon E25 earbuds are lighter and smaller plus have high bass quality

Raycon E50 earbuds-

Updated Raycon Earbuds Review In 2020
Raycon Earbuds Review

Raycon E50 earbuds are very lightweight and comfortable too. They have five extra tip options which make them better but you can’t wear them for a long time because of their rigid fin. They also have a large bass effect and poor noise cancellation. 

 Raycon E70 earbuds-

Raycon Earbuds Review

Raycon E70 earbuds are very stylish and have a clear sound effect and have a hi-tech design which gives concert like feeling. It has a good battery life and has a built-in microphone feature. You can visit the given website for further information.

Bottom line

At last, we can conclude that Raycon wireless earbuds have really good features but their price is a little bit too much compared to its features but is considered better than other companies that make headphones. Raycon Bluetooth earbuds are very comfortable and have high bass quality. Raycon E25 earbuds are water-resistant and have great sound.  Amazon is a good option for Raycon earbuds.

 Raycon earbuds prize may be too much but is at least worth it due to the several good features it gives. Raycon E70 earbuds are the one with the best sound quality because of its hi-tech design. Some of Raycon Bluetooth earbuds also have built-in microphones which make them more convenient to use in daily life. And hence we can say that Raycon wireless earbuds are a good choice of earbuds.

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