Updated Brookstone Speakers Review

Updated Brookstone Speakers Review

Brookstone is a well-established channel of retail speaker sales in the markets of China and the United States. They have been in the market for quite a long time and they have a wide range of products which have been accepted by people all over the market. Brookstone portable outdoor speaker is one of the types they have been selling and the rest includes wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers as well.

All the products have been surviving and competing In the market because of their great features and their remarkable service as a speaker. There have been some points where have been lagging but as far as user reviews are concerned, there are no bigger issues reported so far. The user experience and the specification and the exact details about the speakers have been discussed in the following paragraphs. 

  Brookstone Speaker Specifications:

Brookstone Bluetooth speaker has been designed for portable use for the convenience of the user. They have subcategories that they might be waterproof or not and if they are wireless or not as per the choice of the user.

Brookstone wireless speaker covers up most of the points which are expected out of the speaker from the user. All those points speak good for the speaker and there are some small points that might not be liked by the user which are also expressed in the following lines.

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1.Brookstone Big Blue Speaker- Black

Updated Brookstone Speakers Review
Brookstone Speakers

This speaker has a range of 33ft. with the least connection problems, this speaker pairs without any wire and the sound is quite clear. The powered AC adapter makes the use even better.  Listen to everything. Stream from anything. All with one Bluetooth speaker; Pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device – up to a 33-foot range; Crystal clear sound from two front-facing, full-range speaker drivers, a down-firing subwoofer, and a passive radiator. Easy to connect – pair once and then connect instantly every time


  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Water-resistant for big outdoor sound
  • Full-range speakers and passive radiators
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours
  • Subwoofer and 2 passive radiators for huge bass


  • One of the features, which makes this speaker different, is the provision of radio services.
  • It is wireless. One does not need to have any external power chords until and unless the one which has been provided, gets damaged.
  • Sound systems are amazing and no user has complained about it.
  • Works well with the iPad.


  • The speaker has some issues while working with Samsung Galaxy devices, bot all but some. This was observed when the customers complained about it. Though, there have been comments that if the Bluetooth speakers are used with the Samsung mobiles, there are no such issues observed.

2.Brookstone Big Blue Party X Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Updated Brookstone Speakers Review
Brookstone Speakers

This has been one of those great products which have been marketed and sold by Brookstone Company. This speaker has changed the definition of the “loud” noise by speakers as the effects that come with this speaker is not even comparable with others out there. Weighing 11.9 pounds and with the battery life of 9 years, it comes with 4 full-range speaker drivers to have a uniform sound all around the place.


  • WIRELESS: pair with Bluetooth enabled devices—
  • WATER RESISTANT: fully waterproof for pool and beach parties
  • RICH SOUND: 4 great speaker drivers for powerful, 360 degrees sound
  • PORTABLE: easy-grip to carry anywhere with easy handle grip
  • RECHARGEABLE: Battery can run up to 9 hrs on a single charge


  • The black color of the speaker makes it look extremely elegant.
  • Awesome sound quality and loud enough even for large areas.
  • One of the best options in this range for the common people. The speakers are worth the price.


  • Weird noise while the sound is high pitched has been observed. This might not be noticeable and not many users have been facing this but the sound perfectionists might not like it.
  • Many users have also noticed some irritating fallout sounds which are not appreciable.

3.Brookstone Big Blue Studio Speakers

Brookstone Speakers

The speaker weight 6.6 pounds and the dimensions are small making it quite comfortable and portable that can be easily carried from one place to another. It also works with Alexa and this might be a great point for all the users. This one is a small unit with 16 Watt and with a beautiful design.


  • Listen to everything. Stream from anything. All with one Bluetooth speaker
  • Pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device ` – up to a 33-foot range
  • Easy to connect – pair once and then connect instantly every time
  • Crystal clear sound from two front-facing, full-range speaker drivers, a down-firing subwoofer, and a passive radiator


  • The speaker is user friendly and this is one of the reasons for the increased sale of this speaker.
  • The sound quality is also great and soothing.
  • The looks of the speakers are also great and thus fit for any external or party use as well.


  • Have issues in playing phone calls. This might not be a common issue and also depends on the device which is connected but the call issue is faced by some of the users.
  • The Bluetooth connection issues have also been reported by the users. This makes the speaker less useful for the user as the connection issue does not allow the user to use the speaker on any random occasion.


Brookstone waterproof Bluetooth speaker is one of the good products of Brookstone, which has been reported with amazing comments. All the products have some explicit specifications which have been mentioned in the above section. The points which make these products lag in front of some other products are also discussed. Overall, the products are good to use if the features meet your expectations from the product. The prices for the product are also valid for the services they provide making the speakers worth the price. 

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