Best Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

Best Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

2019 has been a year of incredible technological advances, and all the manufacturers involved have made an enormous development. Compared to the functionality that was introduced a few years ago and which has long been considered the standard, many things have happened.

Of course, it is difficult to determine which the best Bluetooth speaker is, but in our list of the best bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers, you can get a good overview of which or rather which models you like best. You can’t decide on the best Bluetooth speaker itself, because the requirements are different, but you’re sure to find the right one!

BOSE outdoor and portable speakers

This brand presents the most modern and revolutionary ideas to the public, and without a doubt, the use of each of its devices has become fashionable. The brand creates a new BOSE Outdoor and Bluetooth speaker that complies with the better features that a buyer would like to have.

1.BOSE SoundLink Mini II

Bose sound Link 2 comes with the charging cable, a power adapter, the speaker and a charging stand. So, there are two ways you can charge the speaker with the micro USB charging cable or with the charging stand. Which makes everything so much easier you just drop the speaker on the stand and then you’re charging the speaker.

Best Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

It just feels like a quality speaker because this speaker’s got dual passive radiators and a high-efficiency transducer.The transducer is custom-made for the speaker it moves twice as much air compared to a typical transducer and more air movement means more powerful sounds so yeah the speaker sounds amazing for its size. I have no complaints about the sound quality I’m actually impressed by how good and loud the voice is.  This speaker can get rich bass balanced sound and no distortion even at max volume

The size of the speaker, of course, there’s probably other cheaper speakers that are gonna produce louder sound but it’s not gonna be as compact as this speaker and it probably won’t come with a charging stand either so if that makes a difference for you do check out the Bose Soundlink mini2

Characteristic face: This bose wifi speaker is not of the new generations of the devices that the brand has created; at least it would not enter the list of the most recent. Still, there is one in which it is always maintained, and it is in that of better quality. This device was created and launched in 2015, and at that time, it was the best Bose Bluetooth speaker ever seen.

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Water resistance: Although it is a very successful device in other aspects, this BOSE Bluetooth speaker does not have a particular protective layer of water, so it is not considered by those who wish to take it as a complement to beach days.

Sound quality: The sound is simply marvelous; this positive recommendation will make you run to look for a BOSE speaker since it can improve every sound and every note it plays.

Battery: The battery supports about 10 continuous hours of use, and it is really easy to recharge, this duration was determined while the device was operating at its maximum capacity, so it can vary if it is calculated at a volume lower than the maximum.


  • Amazing Sound And Bass Quality
  • Comes with Charging Stand
  • Compact Size
  • Inbuilt mic for Calls


  • Non Waterproof
  • No aptX or NFC

2.BOSE SoundLink Revolve

The Soundlink revolve poses a new cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that delivers 360-degree omnidirectional sound. Bose is touting the speaker’s ability to play very loud compared to its size and push out a lot of bass without distorting and I have to say I was impressed with its design and sound at the respective size.

Best Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

This Speaker may be the best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker and it is water and shock resistant with a threaded tripod mount on the bottom of the speaker that would allow you to attach to a wall or a stand. As you might expect the  revolve plus plays louder and has better bass response  than it’s size would indicate

Its design was specially designed to work optimally outdoors, so this is an excellent and particular Bose Bluetooth speaker, which can please even the most demanding tastes.

Water resistance: It is a device that has tolerance for contact with water; that is, it can withstand multiple walks to the beach or swimming pools in summer.

Sound quality: It has a pair of baffle plates that can distribute the sound evenly throughout the entire structure of the device. It has a much more powerful bass than much other equipment, and the sound quality is so high that it is practically second to none.

Battery: The battery of the device in continuous operation can vary from 12 hours to 16, and this depends on the volume that you use for the reproduction of the sounds, do not forget that at greater volume less duration.


  • Clear 360-degree sound
  • Beautiful design and build
  • Detailed and expansive Quality of sound
  • In-built Mic For Calls


  • Connectivity Range only upto 30ft (10m) range
  • Charging dock not included
  • Not fully water or dustproof

3.Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth Speakers

Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

This beautiful speaker has a design that will leave you with your mouth open. It has a beautiful rectangular shape and reproduces sounds like no other speaker. It is capable of recreating quite accurately all the sounds that are transferred from other devices.

Although these portable bose speakers are slightly larger than other devices in the range that BOSE has, it is still as portable as others, so there will be no inconvenience to transport it from one place to another.

Water resistance: It has an IPX4 certification, which makes it resistant to inevitable splashes, but not to submerge completely or partially in the water, since in this way it could suffer irreversible damage to its operation.

Sound quality: The sound emitted by the Bose SoundLink Color II is simply spectacular; it manages to completely imitate the audio that is transmitted to it via Bluetooth. You have to know that this is a device that many prefer because the connection between the devices is extremely strong, so you can listen to a song where diversity of instruments are involved and not lose any of these in the reproduction.

Battery: The battery of these devices is the only point that makes it unfavorable, it lasts 8 hours.


  • Great sound quality for its size
  • It has Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Works with voice assistants


  • Average battery life
  • Only splash-proof
  • No mounting solution

4.Bose Portable Home Speaker — with Alexa Voice Control Built-In

Bose Outdoor and Portable Speakers

Bose already has some pretty well-reviewed, compact, smart outdoor portable speakers on the market, but they didn’t have a portable option. And that’s where this one comes in. And it does a great job. The design might look a little familiar as it’s close in style to the Revolve+, but this one’s a little bigger, and the sound is better.

Well, starting off is a smart speaker’s capabilities. This one’ll work hands-free with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as long as you’re on Wi-Fi. If you’re in a spot where you’re not getting Wi-Fi though, you can still use the Bluetooth feature to playback audio. And you’ll see some perforations around it for those built-in microphones that are used for the smart assistants.

And they do pick up your voice pretty well, you also get 360 degrees sound so you can hear it clearly no matter where you place it in the room or outside of your home. the materials they use can handle some bumps and bruises. You do get a comfortable fabric-covered handle across the top that makes it easy to carry.

The size, portability, smart features, and most importantly, sound quality, all add up to this being one of the best outdoor portable speakers on the market right now. If you wanna see more about the Bose portable home speaker or are thinking about picking one up, be sure to check it out at the link below


  • Listen to music in different rooms easily and wirelessly
  • It will only take a few minutes to set up and establish a Wi-Fi connection
  • Powerful application to control your music from the phone
  • With Bose SoundTouch systems one can enjoy the same music in several different rooms or songs in each


  • Great sound quality with powerful bass
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Up to 12 hrs of charging


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Expensive

Conclusion:  Although it is quite difficult to choose a single speaker as the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker, as just described, some brands have proven to be the best over the years. Through innovative development, constant progress, and the ability to respond to customer needs, a few pioneers in design and technology have emerged. Others simply offer very good complete packages in terms of price and performance.

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